Story of the week

The School will be hosting a very comprehensive 
summer school programme that promises to be engaging, 
rewarding and absolutely fun. This will be holding at 
9:00am — 1:00pm prompt daily, starting Monday, 31st July
— Thursday, 24th August, 2023. Activities to be covered 
include Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and 
Mathematics (STEAM), Etiquette, Cookery, Baking, 
Leadership/Public Speaking, Art, Sewing, Dance/Fitness, 
Soccer, Games, Brain train math, Fun with literacy, Science, 
Cursive handwriting and lots more. It will be a time to have 
a peep into the year ahead, and a time to consolidate on 
the present. This programme is also open to pupils from 
other schools. So, help spread the good news to your 
friends, colleagues, families and neighbours. Let\'s keep 
them busy while you work this summer holiday. Your child 
cannot afford to miss out. The cost is Three thousand, five 
hundred naira (#3,500.00) for the preschool and four 
thousand (#4,000.00) for the Primary school only.
The Third term which commenced on Tuesday 
25th April, 2023 ends today Friday, 21st July, 
2023. We have enclosed your child’s academic 
performance for Third Term. If you desire to 
discuss your child/children’s progress with us, do 
feel free to do so during the holiday via the school 
line or upon resumption.
First Term begins on Monday, 4th September, 
2023. All pupils are expected to resume on that
Project provides opportunities for our champs to drive learn and it also teaches them skills such as 
problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, time management skills, among others. Projects for Third 
Term 2022/2023 have been uploaded on the Google Class room. Submission of the project is one week 
into First Term 2023/2024 academic Session resumption. Please note that pupil’s evaluation for First 
Term 2023/2024 Academic session will be based on End of term project, Mid-Term project, the home 
works and end of term examination